Lotus Heart of Melbourne Fl Cranial Release program

Cranial based healthcare has its origins in the late 1800’s when Dr. William Sutherland pioneered the concept of cranial bone movement while he was a student at American School of Osteopathy. His investigations of clients led him to the concept of Primary Respiratory Mechanism or the “respiratory” like movement of the cranial bones.

Through his research of this movement he discovered the presence of cranial bone lesions. He felt that these lesions, fixations, and distortions interfered with the expression of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism and in doing so caused illness and disease

Cranial Release Technique (CRT) procedure is an advanced cranial sacral procedure that creates a deep release in the cranial dura and within all the body structures and functions associated with it. CRT opens, aligns, and unlocks the 22 bones of the cranium, takes tension out of the dura matter, aligns the spine and pelvis, releases any fascial restrictions within the body, and rebalances brain hemisphere activity. The effects are far-reaching and many times quite profound.

Stress today is at an all time high. Research has shown that when we are under constant, chronic low-level stress that brain hemisphere activity lateralizes and the body twists out of balance. This Cranial-Dural Stress Syndrome has very far-reaching on our health and vitality. As the brain moves deeply into stress states the frequency at which it functions as well as brain activity change. The brain shifts into a state where one hemisphere of the rain becomes more active over the other. Along with this shift come marked changes in the physical and emotional body. In the physical body muscle tension is increased on one side of the body leading to structural weakness and imbalance in gravity.

Recipients of CRT has reported the following improvements:

Blood pressure normalized
Increased Range of Motion
Decrease/Elimination of neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain
Improved posture
Increased blood circulation to the legs
Reduced neck and head tension
Increased energy
Reduction of stress
Improved mental clarity
Reduction/elimination of nerve pain/numbness
Reduction in scoliosis curvatures
Reduction of back pain due to scoliosis
Improved hormone production

Cranial release Technique can be purchased as a stand along series of treatments or can be combined with massage. Myofascial work in combination with CRT allows the body to hold the cranial correction and muscular correction to hold faster.

Initial CRT Evaluation/Treatment $65.00
Follow-up Treatments $40.00
CRT/Massage Treatment $80.00
Treatment Package Discounts Available

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