Understanding the Different Forms of Massage

Massage has been practiced for centuries and is considered one of the oldest forms of healing. But if you are going to compare the practices that were performed in the early times with the ones that are being done today, we can say that not much has changed. This article will be explaining to you some of the most popular types of massage. Reading this article will help you learn more about it, and will help you determine which is the best type for you.

The Chinese have the oldest form of massage, which is still being used up to this day. This form of massage is focused on the pressure points that are found in our hands and feet. A lot of people believe that our hands and feet have strong pressure points, in which if a person massage these points, the masseur will be able to reach corresponding vital organs inside the body of a person. If done by a professional, a person will be able to find different problems inside his body.

Shiatsu is also a form of massage that focuses in delivering pressure with the help of the palm and fingers (mostly thumbs). Shiatsu massage has the same approach as the traditional Chinese therapy, but it uses the therapist’s hands to deliver the energy which is believed to remove all the imbalances inside a person’s body.

Thai massage also has the same approach as Shiatsu. However, Thai massage is known for not using massage oil. This type of massage also focuses in stretching, which can help you feel more relaxed and be relieved from stress. Up to this day, Thai massage is still considered as one of the most popular forms of massage. In fact, you can find different centers that are only offering this particular type of massage.

Aromatherapy on the other hand is a type of massage that uses sensual aroma that can help you feel more relaxed. The massage is done by putting pressure on a person’s vital points, while being exposed to a sensual aroma. This is believed to be one of the best alternative methods that can be used to help of person to be relieved from stress.

Aside from these types of massage, there are still a lot of other types of massage that you can get. In fact, there are massage centers that can offer dozens of different types of massage, and all of which can help you relieve from stress. Although massage is not an accepted form of healing, there are still a lot of therapies that are being done for patients, which are also considered as a form of massage.

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