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At Lotus Heart, we actively promote holistic health as an approach to wellness which encourages you to:

Balance and integrate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Make wellness-oriented lifestyle choices

Actively participate in your health decisions and healing process.

With healthcare costs continuing to skyrocket and accessibility to affordable healthcare coverage shrinking we are faced with the reality that we must take a more active and proactive role in staying healthy.

Currently, more than 50% of the U.S. population seeks out complementary alternative medical therapies as a means to treat and prevent disease/injury and to enhance their quality of life.

Lotus Heart is a multi-service holistic center dedicated to supporting your physical and emotional well-being and alternative preventative health strategies.  Once you take the first step in self-care, the door opens for the transformational experience to better health and living.  We are here to support your journey. With much love and compassion,

Carol B. Todisco, Owner, B.S. Alternative Medicine and Licensed Massage Therapist for over 8 years, ma# 42704

Now open extended hours 9-6 Mon –Thursday and 9-8 Fri and Sat. 9-8 and open Sundays by appointment.



Located at Palms Pointe Office Park, 330 North Babcock Street, Suite 101, Melbourne, Fl. 32935 Melbourne, Lotus Heart is one of the longest-standing holistic centers in Brevard County. Founded in the late 1990s, Lotus Heart brought together a group of exceptional therapists and practitioners focused on sharing their talents and their hearts with the community with a focus on treating mind, body, and soul. That tradition carries on today with many of the same therapists and practitioners that helped Lotus Heart grow into the respected business it is today.
We Are Unique

What makes Lotus Heart unique is that our therapists and practitioners come together as a team, first and foremost, to serve the varied needs of our clients. We are not driven by the clock because we approach each session as a true treatment and each treatment is driven by what is in the client's best interest. The combination of expertise and passion for the work, the community, and each individual client has created an environment where clients feel like they are a genuine part of the Lotus Heart family. Our clients like coming here because they feel a sense of relaxation and know they will walk out of here feeling better. Melbourne fl massage therapy, Brevard county, anti-aging, pregnancy massage, detox, rehab, hypnotherapy, energy medicine plus revitalization

Carol Todisco, LMT
Lotus Heart Holistic Center

What's New JUNE 2024

How Injury Rehab & Pain Management Can Help You


If you are recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain, injury rehab can provide safe and effective ways to manage your pain and restore mobility and function. Here are some ways that injury rehab and pain management can help you:


1. Pain relief: One of the primary goals of injury rehab and pain management is to relieve acute or chronic pain. Various techniques, such as manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound, can help reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Improved function: Injury rehab focuses on restoring movement and function to injured body areas. Through exercises, stretches, and other therapeutic modalities, rehab can help strengthen weak muscles, improve flexibility, and restore range of motion.

3. Faster healing: Injury rehab can help improve circulation, which can assist in the healing and recovery process. It can also help prevent further injury by correcting imbalances and improving overall physical health.

4. Avoiding surgery: Injury rehab can help avoid surgery in many cases. By addressing the root cause of pain and providing safe and effective treatments, rehab can help alleviate symptoms and promote healing.

5. Long-term pain management: Injury rehab can empower you with long-term solutions for managing chronic pain. By addressing the underlying causes of pain, rehab can help you develop healthy habits and techniques to manage pain and prevent future injuries, putting you in control of your health.


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