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Infant massage has been practiced by other cultures for centuries. Vimala Schneider McClure brought this ancient art to the United States in the 1970s, after she observed the positive effect it had on infants in India.

Research specific to the benefits of infant massage has been ongoing since the mid-1970s. This research has been conducted at various institutes and with premature infants, exposed to drugs in utero, and infants that had motor problems. All these categories of babies benefited from the nurturing touch of infant massage. These benefits included weight gain, neurological development, decreased hospitalization, and improved digestion.

Although it can seem like there is not much going on in a baby's world, it is a new and exciting time for them. It may seem like they do little but eat, sleep, and demand attention, with a regular diaper change thrown in for good measure - but they are learning more now than they will ever learn again in such a short period. Little wonder that it can take time to adjust, from being thrust rudely from a state of tranquility, warmth, and comfort into a world of changing faces, cold winds, warm baths, and, well, everything else that we see every day and take for granted.

Numerous studies have found that massage plays a significant role in promoting the proper growth and healthy development of infants. Physically, massage

  • Stimulates the nerves and neurological development
  • Increases blood flow
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Relieves discomfort from gas, colic, and constipation
  • Aids indigestion
  • Increases alertness/heightened awareness
  • Reduces stress hormones

It can relieve a host of childhood complaints from colic to constipation. Massaging the chest may ease congestion. Gently stroking an infant’s face can improve their ability to suck.  We are not trying to suggest that will ensure that they will be a happy and easy child. But it may be able to ease some of the problems that you could encounter along the way.

To set an appointment, please visit our Melbourne center, or contact us by telephone. We look forward to meeting you soon


To set an appointment, please visit our Melbourne center, or contact us by telephone at 321-768-7575

We look forward to meeting you soon.