Rehabilitation Services


Injury Rehab & Pain Management
Whether you have been in Chronic Pain for years or are recovering from a more acute situation such as a Recent Injury, Surgery, Car Accident, or Work-Related or Sports Injury – At Lotus Heart Holistic Center, we specialize in pain management and injury rehabilitation.

What that means, is we:
• Get You Out Of Pain
• Improve Your Ability To Move Your Body With Less Stress & Strain
• Teach You Easy Secrets To Improve Your Posture
• Educate You On Proper Biomechanics (How to lift, bend, sit, work, etc)

You Will:

Have Less Pain

Move More Freely

Sleep Better

Breathe Better

Digest Better

If you don’t know if you have any of these conditions, a thorough exam by a qualified healthcare practitioner is necessary to receive a diagnosis. But even if you don’t have an ‘official’ diagnosis, and are experiencing any of these common symptoms listed below you will experience pain relief, symptom relief, and improved function by receiving our therapy.
Some Common Symptoms We Can Address:
• Numbness
• Tingling
• Weakness
• Cold hands or Feet
• Pain
• Aches or Throb
• Pins and needles
• Headaches
• Inability to Concentrate
• Dizziness
• Limited Range of Motion of a joint
• Inability To Get Comfortable
• Sleep Interruption
• Fatigue

We are not physical therapists, but rather Therapeutic and Medical Massage therapists
If you choose to have us work with you, we use a combination of Active Myofascial Therapy, Medical Massage and, Therapeutic Exercise
With a doctor’s prescription, we can bill your insurance if it is through Florida Workers Compensation or most Automobile insurance. Major medical carriers such as Blue Cross, Aetna, Medicare, and Medical will not be covered, but of course, if you have any questions regarding your particular case, please don’t hesitate to call us.
The longer you continue to live in pain …the harder it is to take care of the problem. You are smart to start therapy as soon as possible

To set an appointment, please visit our Melbourne center, or contact us by telephone. We look forward to meeting you soon.


To set an appointment, please visit our Melbourne center, or contact us by telephone at 321-768-7575

We look forward to meeting you soon.