Detoxification Program

After a year of pain in my right foot due to continued swelling, fungus and parasitic infections and a constant rash and itching, nothing seems to work even while receiving conventional medical treatment of antibiotic pills almost all the time nothing seemed to work to get rid of this problem. I finally found my angel of healing at Lotus Heart and through the "Ionic Foot Detox Spa".
I received 10-foot detox sessions and after the 3rd session, there was such a great improvement I could finally start to wear sandals again. After the last session, my foot was back to normal and I also received many other health benefits from this experience. This detoxification is for everyone to enjoy a healthy life.

Thanks, Alice



Thank you so much for the wonderful massage yesterday. Tyler sleeps well and
his fussiness/gas have gone away. Also, his appetite has returned to normal.
So the message worked!

We hope to see you again soon.

-Nicole and Tyler


*In calendar years I am 73 years old.  Approximately 11 years ago I started going to Lotus Heart Holistic Center to get a 2.5-hour full body massage every two weeks.
My massage therapist, Della Danley, and I have continued this co-creative experience to the present time.

In the beginning, Della and I agreed that massage was much more than the laying on of hands on the physical body.  In my knowingness, not only is the physical body
benefited, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies receive a great benefit as well.

The message I receive every two weeks is my gift to my physical body.  Intuitively, Della is aware of aches (energy blockages) in certain areas of my body and begins
her massage techniques.

I communicate with my body on a daily basis and my body is always happy when massage day arrives, as am I

Gene Eary
Rockledge FL


*I am so grateful for the healing I received from Lotus Heart. A car accident left me unable to walk comfortably or hold and carry my 7-month-old little girl. After many
MRI\'s and a lot of pain I was told I needed surgery. I surrounded my self with an amazing group of people including Lotus Heart to help recover without surgery.
The healing I received was amazing. Each week brought new challenges and different pain. They knew intuitively where to go and what to do.
They helped me regain my life back. I am forever grateful for their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and amazing talent. I plan on making a visit to Lotus Heart a part of my ongoing good health plan.
Lisa Kovary
Satellite Beach FL


*I found Lotus Heart at a time in my life when I was suffering exhaustion and physical pain as a result of an overly stressful work environment.
The therapists there put me back on my feet.  Through massage and other modalities, my stress level dropped dramatically.  With that came a corresponding drop in physical pain.
I believe that Lotus Heart has significantly improved both the strength of my health and the overall quality of my life.
I have sent many of my friends into the capable hands of their therapists.  It seems everyone leaves Lotus Heart in much better shape than when they walked in the door.

Gail G
Satellite Beach

Melbourne, FL


*My message today stopped a very strong nagging pain episode.  I was a fool not to listen to myself last week and put my treatment times as a priority to all else.
Thank you so much for your loving skilled hands and continued patience.
Alice R
Satellite Beach, FL


*All Lotus Heart Holistic Center therapists and practitioners are professionally trained and nationally certified. If you would like to learn more about the Lotus Heart team see our Practitioners page.


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