Our Hypnotherapy Service

Meet our Hypnotherapist: 
Barbara Banes, Certified Hypnotherapist

Being "in hypnosis" means that a person is in a deeply relaxed state while listening to specific suggestions expressed in a quiet voice using distinctive words and repetitive phrases that are unique to hypnosis. This is actually similar to using your imagination, but unlike imagining things or daydreaming, hypnosis is deliberate and goal-oriented with the purpose of resolving a problematic issue. This level of awareness allows you to access another part of your consciousness that is clearly your ally and greatest motivator. The use of hypnosis can provide deep, insightful self-knowledge allowing change to take the place of routine and habits that may no longer be a fit for your life.

For more than a century, hypnosis has been successfully used within a broad range of issues and is well known to initiate a state of heightened awareness and profound inner calm. The modality of Hypnosis is specifically used to assist in activating a person’s self-healing processes that lay beyond the reach of the conscious mind, knowing that at all times you are aware of yourself and your surroundings, yet are open to positive imprints and suggestion. No one can be induced to anything against their will. Hypnosis is well documented to be highly effective within a wide range of issues.

*Freedom from chronic stress and anxiety.
*Pre-conception and fertility preparation for women experiencing infertility.
*Elective surgery: Manage Pre-Op anxiety and Post-Op nausea and pain.
*Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem: Decrease social awkwardness.
*Minimize fears/phobias: Flying, Bridges, Spiders, Heights, etc.
*Caregiver burnout: Self-Care tools.
*Weight Management.
*Negative Habits
*Test Anxiety

If you don't see your area of interest listed, feel free to call to see if it's available.

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Barbara Banes, CHT